Labels for Seed Packets


Pmlabels is the biggest manufacturer of labels for seed packets, we are best quality label maker in asia, our labels quality very fine , we are the biggest supplier as well of labels for seed packets since 1997.


Few Importance Points Using seed packets Labels


After harvesting your seeds and choosing the type of packaging you want to use to store your seeds it is important that you label them accurately.

 Below are two different ways to label your seeds.


* The one on the left involves simply writing directly onto the packet,  which is probably all but the most dedicated seed saver needs to do. 


* The one on the right is more elaborate, involving coloured category labels and a unique seed number for each seed packet.


Using A Computer Data Base To Store Information About Seeds


As well as labelling my seeds you have a computer data base file that you use to record all the seeds you have harvested or bought.  That way you can better keep track of seed performance and the original source seeds.  This is where having a unique number for each seed packet comes in handy.  It also helps when ordering seeds.



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